Stuyvesant HS Class of '92
10th Year Reunion

Date:  11/30/02
Location:  Shine

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Evil Jake



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  • Ruben Austria returned to New York City after six years at Cornell University where he earned his BS in Psychology and MA in Southeast Asian Studies. He started a faith-based program under Urban Youth Alliance to provide alternative-to-incarceration and aftercare services to juvenile offenders in the South Bronx where he lives and works. He is looking for like-hearted Stuy alum who would like to support and invest in this work. BronxConnect needs volunteer mentors, tutors, instructors, and donors. In his spare time he plays in a jazz-mambo-bossa nova band called Mambola with his brother and sister.  Contact him at


  • Cynthia (Gamboa) Bacani got her BS from SUNY Buffalo in Medical Technology and worked in the field for 5 yrs. She then decided to change careers, and got her Associate Degree in Massage Therapy. She's living in Northern California with her husband (married Sept 2001) and is expecting her first child early November.
  • Hara Behk says "This Fall, I find myself in transition between the realm of academia and the non-academic world."
  • Vikhas Bhamri lives in England with his lovely English wife Seema. "I'm trying to earn a wage with Oracle (via several acquisitions/mergers)."
  • Emily Bloch lives in beautiful Amherst, MA with her husband, Aron. She's a freelance writer for magazines, fiddles around with fiction, and works part-time at Smith College. She says "Can't wait to see everybody in November."
  • Howard Blumstein left Stuy in '92 and went to SUNY Binghamton where here studied Biology. From there he went to SUNY Buffalo Medical School. He is currently completing a residency in Internal Medicine at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in NJ and will be starting a fellowship in Rheumatology at Mt. Sinai next year.  He says "I'm still playing guitar and spending craploads of money on a home studio... Also wanted to mention in my update that I recently got engaged to my girlfriend Robyn."
  • Janah Boccio is currently living in Northampton, Massachusetts, getting her Master's from the Smith College School for Social Work.
  • Scantily-published Toby Bochan likes to call herself a writer after getting an MFA in Austin, TX. Now back in NYC, she's working on her books, her dirty looks, and how to throw a good left hook when she's not working for the muggles at Scholastic as a copywriter.
  • After working with a number of failed dot-coms, Michael Broggy is now a system analyst at The New York Times.


  • Dan Cabral has been steadily advancing his IT career since leaving school, and is currently working as a Senior Network Engineer with a small consulting firm in midtown. He's living in Northern NJ with his girlfriend of 5 years.
  • Richard Capatosto is presently working as a sys. admin. at Altera Corporation in San Jose California.
  • Alison Callaghan got her BS & MS in Mechanical Engineering from SUNY Buffalo. She currently lives in Detroit, MI and is employed at Ford Motor Company as a crash safety development engineer on future Lincoln vehicles. She says "It's great to hear how everyone is doing. Hope you and all your families are well..."
  • Adam Chamberlin recieved his MFA in Lighting Design from U. Texas at Austin, and is now lighting Concerts locally... Cowboy Junkies, Gato Barberie.....
  • Eric Chang received a B.S. from the University at Buffalo in 1997 and is currently an Assistant Vice President for UBS PaineWebber's Marketing Technology group. He is currently living in Rego Park.
  • Tyrone Chang is enjoying life in sunny L.A. He says "Private equity on the west coast sure beats i-banking in NYC! Still can't believe it's been two years since graduating Harvard Business School in 2000."
  • Ray Chang graduated from the University of Southern California medical school. He is now in residency training in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery at the University of Miami
  • Joseph Chen is working at the University at Buffalo as an instructional support technician for the Graduate School of Education and the School of Informatics.
  • NEW!!  Alysia Christiani is now a Licensing Coordinator in the Global Consumer Products division of Sesame Workshop, the guys who bring you Sesame St Dragontales etc "my 2 boys are about to turn 4 and 5 years old life is great hope all is well with you all"
  • Roseanne Ciparick returned to NYC 2 years ago (after 6 in Chicago and 2 in San Diego) where she lives with her beloved Frankie and his 8-year-old son, Jacob. She is Artistic Director of En Travesti Productions, a theatrical production company creating theater for transformation and healing. She is also a performer and part-time legal secretary
  • After returning from Hawaii and a profession in tourism/education Morgan Elinson is now living and teaching in the Bronx at a public magnet school for the neighborhoods of Huntspoint, Soundview and Throggs Neck.


  • Erik De Paula is an environmental insurance attorney at Mendes and Mount, LLP in midtown Manhattan. He says "My wife Janice and I are expecting our first child in late November."
  • Brandon del Pozo will shortly be promoted to the rank of sergeant in the New York City Police Department. He says "My five years on the force so far have been great, though unrelated to my philosophy degree from Dartmouth. I live in Park Slope, Brooklyn with my wife, Sarah, and will be finishing up an MA in criminal justice any second now. I'm due to start a Ph.D. in philosophy in the fall (part time). I look forward to the reunion."


  • Kate Epstein is an acquisitions editor for a nonfiction book publisher, Adams Media Corporation. She and her husband, Ethan Handelman, live south of Boston. They met at University of Michigan and married in August, 1997. They will miss the reunion due to a trip to London.


  • Adam Fennimore is currently living in Berkeley, CA with his wife (Jennette) and son (Maxwell, 1.5 yrs old). He is currently working on his Ph.D. in Physics and hopes to finish in 2 years.
  • Joe Figliozzi graduated from Brooklyn College in 1996 (BA in History), was a per diem teacher for a while with the NYC Board of Ed, did a semester of grad school at Brooklyn College, joined the NYPD in April of 97 (with Brandon Del Pozo and Dameion Cox, Ulyses Dadacay was in the NYPD class before us). Graduated, went on patrol, took a military leave of absence with the NYPD and joined the US Coast Guard. Was stationed in Portsmouth, VA and in New Orleans, LA. Was discharged in May of 2001 as a Lieutenant JG, and returned to the NYPD. I was transferred to the elite NYPD SCUBA TEAM in July of this year, and our base is at the Brooklyn Army Terminal in Redhook.
  • Daniel Fineman lives in Puerto Rico with his wife of 4 years, Janira, and his Hunter HS caliber daughter Natalie (3 yrs). He says, "Glad to hear that Jon Shofet has miraculously awakened from his 5 year coma. Unfortunately, his bit part did not survive the studios final cut and did not appear in the 1997 theatrical release of Free Willy 3: The Rescue."
  • Rachel Fremmer is a lawyer in the litigation department of Willkie Farr & Gallagher.


  • David Gallai is alive and well.
  • Elizabeth Gomes is a third yr student at MCP Hahnemann School of Medicine.


  • Kristin Hawkins currently resides in Chapel Hill, N.C., where she is completing her Master's Degree in Social Work at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
  • Kyra Himmelbaum is in Seattle, getting an MFA in acting (class of 2003) at the Unversity of Washington.
  • Gary Huang works in ABS-Global Markets at Deutsche Bank. He's working on a MS Applied Math at NYU, part-time. He lives in the Chelsea area in Manhattan. He and his wife, Evelyn got married in 1999 and are expecting their first child anyday now (late Oct-early Nov 2002)


  • Louis Israel was last seen at a blackjack table in the Flamingo, L.V. sipping a clear beverage garnished with a lime, and playing way over his head. He was wearing a Hawaiian shirt with the top buttons open revealing a diamond and gold Star of David, and a great deal of chest hair. He's lost a little off the fastball, but he's still almost as funny as you remember. He will graduate from Stuy next fall. He still hasn't been to


  • Mike Jacobs splits time between being a full-ledged Rock Star with his band, Evil Jake, and moonlighting as an online marketing consultant for clients like Yahoo!, Wall Street Journal, and eMusic.

  • Matthew Jacobson has been living in China and Japan over the years, currently mostly Shanghai, and investing in property.


  • Edison Kang is currently in Southern California, and married his wife, Lisa, on March 24th, 2001.  Juliana Hsu was in attendance.

  • Jennifer (Kaplan) Maybar writes in to say "This is an update on myself and another '92 graduate, Josh Maybar. After college, I spent several years in the medical field (not a doctor!) before switching to the non-profit world in September 2001 as Program Coordinator of a senior center. Josh is Human Resources Manager for a non-profit land conservation organization. We were married in December of 2001 and live in Manhattan with our 20 lb cat, Murphy. We bickered for a 1/2 hour over whether to post this update. I'd write more but I'm in a tense bidding war on e-Bay"
  • Suzy Kim is married and has a son, Luke Bowie Kim (15 months old). She is currently a lawyer at Mayer Brown in midtown
  • Delia Kim is still in Flushing and is a social worker, running teen programs. By night she is the leader of a notorious gang terrorizing the streets of New York.  She is eagerly awaiting the many pictures her old classmates will email to her at to add to the slideshow for the reunion (preferably from HS days, but will accept recent pics, especially if you can't attend). Otherwise, you will suffer a slide show of Delia from birth to present day.


  • Christine Labeste writes "After living and teaching in L.A and San Francisco for 4 years, I have returned to N.Y.C. to pursue a M.S. in Occupational Therapy. Currently, I am an inclusion teacher on the L.E.S. spreading my love of dance, Brazil and molding future Stuyvesant graduates. Occasionally, you can find me swimming with lion fish and sharks at my lovely girlfriend's pan-asian bar/restaurant on 7th avenue: dragonfly.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the reunion due to a trip to the Dominican Republic with my family. Please contact me through my e-mail for those who would like to get together over some San Miguel beer and hearty filipino food or a good Samba workout!
  • NEW!!  Rosemary Ledesma is currently DVD-authoring for Warner Brothers in Los Angeles.  Her web site is
  • Jesse Lansner maintains his own website at
  • Mary Lee  graduated from SUNY Buffalo in 1996 with an Economics degree.  "After working as an Asst Operations Mgr for Mellon Bank for almost 5 years, I've decided to quit my job and become a full time mother. We are selling our condo in Manhattan and moving to a house with a white picket fence."
    UPDATE - Mark writes in to say "I am trying my luck with day trading as I wait for the arrival of my second child."
  • Paul Lee writes "After all these years, I can't seem to leave NYC. I just love this city. Anyhoo, I've been pursuing a Ph.D. at Mount Sinai School of Medicine for what seems like centuries. Hope to finish by Spring 2003. I am very upset about it but I cannot make it to the reunion...and if anyone's interested, my e-mail is!!"
  • Roger Lee is an emmy award wining producer for the CBS Early Show. Engaged to Brazilian model Ana Cristina Soares Barreto. Living in NYC. Graduated from NYU with a BS in Communications.
  • After completing a B.S. from Columbia U. 96' Teddy Li pursued a technology career which led to the formation of his own small consulting company. After attempting to found a few internet ventures,  eventually ended up working in a seed fund of a private equity group. "After getting my MBA 2001 (Stern NYU) I have finally decided what I like to to do best. Absolutely nothing... :)"
  • Joshua Lefkowitz graduated Tulane University in 96 – moved to Chicago for 3 ˝ yrs – came back to NYC in 2000 – got engaged – works on the web – and is looking forward to standing up the middle of the theatre at Free Willy Part 3 and screaming to the audience “I know him, we went to High School together – and I knew him before he was famous” in reference to Jon Shofet. "BTW, I hope we all wear nametags, because if I remember correctly no one looks like their yearbook pic."
  • Meng Lin graduated NYU-Stern in 1996, has been working in CSFB since 1997, was married in 2000, and just gave birth to a new baby girl late Nov 2002. She can be reached at
  • Toya Liverpool is currently a second year MBA student at Wharton. "Can't wait to see you in November!"
  • Wen (Winnie Liu) Sailer just started her fourth year of teaching biology at Brookline High School in Massachusetts. "My husband of six years and I bought a house in 'burbs of Boston three years ago. We have a dog but no kids."


  • Rajiv Manglani got married in March 2002 and is living in Boston details...

  • Herman Matfes has been married for 5 years and is expcting his first child in late December. He works for EMC Corporation in NYC and lives in NJ.  He says "Congratulations to Josh and Jenn! I am so happy for you guys, the writing was on the wall at Stuy, basement wall of course, =).Sorry to hear about the ankle Teddy. Congrats on your studies Wilson. I hope you guys are able to write soon. I am not sure if I will be at the reunion, but my email address is"
  • Adam Matta was recently seen beatboxing on WNYE TV's After School program.
  • Joanie Mazelis graduated from SUNY-Binghamton in 1996 and then spent a couple of years living and working in NYC. She is currently pursuing her PhD in sociology at the University of Pennsylvania and hopes to complete it sometime this century. Other than that, she has nothing to report. In an effort to make time stand still and feel as though she is still in high school, she has remained a student, and has not gotten married or had children. Oh, and she invented Post-Its! No, wait, that was Romy and Michelle's lie prepared for THEIR high school reunion; Joanie has invented nothing, but she can be reached at
  • Xavier Mendang has been working in IT since he graduated from SUNY Albany in 1997.  "Ttook a year out to find myself. I tried to start up my own - launched it in the summer of 2000, Ouch! But I got work again after that didn't take off. I live with my parter of 3 years, Cindy who is really nice. For all those in Home Room L - I ran into Mr. Shanack last year too! We had dinner together, is that funny or what! I have decided to go back to school and get an MBA next year cause the IT biz is not so hot now. Hope to see you all at the Reunion."
  • Lauren (Wechsler) Merkin is working as the Director of Catering for the Guggenheim and Cooper-Hewitt Museums in NYC. She and her husband Matt just celebrated our their year wedding annivesary in September
  • Amanda Morris has been living down in New Orleans for the past few years. "For a while I lead swamp tours until one of the tourists mugged me, so I left that business and started dancing full time. I was inspired by PonyBoy eli who took me under his wing and showed me how to work the crowd."  Check out their page here.


  • Timothy Negron graduated from Princeton in '96. He jumped jobs in the IT field for the past few years, and is currently working as network engineer at CSFB in NY.  He was happily married in 2000, living in Queens, NY.
  • Cody Ng graduated from SUNY at Stony Brook in 1996 with a Computer Science degree. He's been working as a programmer at Computer Associates ever since 1997.
  • Joyce Ng lives in greater Boston area and is currently a Principal Software Engineer for a small company. She just got married on July 2002! Wedding pictures are here. For their honeymoon, they spent a month traveling all around Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.  Joyce would love to hear from old friends. She can be reached at
    Joyce (a WTC survivor) has created a website dedicated to the survivors of 3 World Trade Center. The website's goal to bring together the hundreds of individuals who were in the Marriott WTC on Sept 11.  Please forward this link around so we can get in touch with as many individuals as possible."
  • Catherine Nguyen recently relocated to San Francisco. "I have been freelancing as a graphics project manager and am planning to go back to school at the Academy of Art University for photography in the Fall. "
  • Julie (Nichols) Kubal is still in the Navy. She is a Naval Flight Officer and was a navigator on the EP-3. For those of you who don't know what the heck an EP-3 is, it is the same type of airplane as the one that crashed in China a while back. After being stationed in Spain for 3 years, she's back in the States living in Washington, D.C. with her husband Edwin. In the meantime, she's been pursuing a career in photography and will be out of the Navy in one year. [(7/05 Update]  Just graduated from the photojournalism program at the International Center of Photography. Founding member of new photojournalism agency, Veras Images Check out personal site at



  • Jeremy Olshan is living in Atlantic City and covering City Hall for the daily paper.
  • Alanna (O'Neill) Weifenbach has been living in Switzerland since Feb 1999 on assignment with Ernst and Young. She married Simon on August 15, 2002 in Switzerland, with a church wedding in NY coming up in October.
  • NEW!!  Keith Oh writes "After graduating from U.C. Berkeley, I moved back home so I could escape wheat grass smoothies and running into the Naked Guy(tm). I am currently working as an IT Director at a small investment bank called Cain Brothers. I got married in September 1, 2001 and patiently waiting for the stork to come."  He later adds "I am the happy father of a daughter who was born on 8/5/03. Pictures can be seen at"
  • Alex Outhred - After moving to Atlanta in the middle of his senior year at Stuy. Alex went on to U. of Mich. He has been living in CA since graduating in Psych. back in 1997. He sayd "Living in L.A. for the last 5 years has been alltogether peaceful, thrilling (you would'nt believe the dirt I have on so and so with her so and so doing so and so all night) and rewarding. I am a practicing massage therapist specializing in deep tissue and circulation disorders. Keep an ear open on commercials, trailers, and cartoons, because I am also been establishing my voice-over career. I live in a house atop Los Feliz in L.A. with my kick-ass lab/rot. named Buster and my wonderful girlfriend Margaux. We are also completing our first feature screenplay, which will be shopped in February. (I'm still waiting for my first Jon Shofet sighting) feel free to email. I hope all is well, and I miss many of you."


  • Farias Parakh I received her BA from Tulane University in New Orleans in 1996. She  now lives in NYC and works at Silchester International Investors, where she just made partner.
  • Anne Park writes in to say "Hope all are doing well and enjoy the reunion this Sat.. I'll be out of town over the holiday weekend. I'm currently wrapping up my last year of med school at NYCOM and interviewing for residencies in the NYC area. Other than that, I haven't done much else other than being a student. I'm engaged to be married next May and would very much like to hear from Nina and Althea."
  • Hyeun Park finished residency in internal medicine at Montefiore Medical Center and is working full-time as a medical attending. Next year, I will be training in a cardiology fellowship at Westchester Medical Center.  Hyeun can be reached at
  • Wilson Park is currently working towards a Masters in Divinity at Westminster Theological Seminary in Glenside, PA
  • Amy Pollick graduated Wesleyan University in '96, and after living in Boston, Costa Rica,  and New York, she is now getting her Ph.D in primate behavior at Emory University in Atlanta. "Hope to make it to reunion."


  • Piet Quackenbush lives in a small retirement community outside of scarsdale, ny. he enjoys playing checkers, and the family circus.  He was also spotted fronting Sludge band Slut 'em Go at Arlene Grocery last Saturday.


  • Mike Raffaele is currently in Hartford,CT completing his residency training in Emergency Medicine at the University of Connecticut Health Center.
  • Bliss Rayo is a registered nurse and working at St. Francis Hospital in Roslyn, NY (on Long Island). She is also pursuing an MS in Advanced Practice Nursing at SUNY Stonybrook  " I'm currently living in Kew Gardens, Queens with my wonderful fiance Andrew - projected wedding date 8/2/03."
  • Owen Roth is a Network Engineer for Thomson Financial, and currently lives in Park Slope, where he teaches Adult Literacy.
  • Wayne Russ is working as Senior Planner at Lord and Taylor. He's been happily married for the last 2 years and currently living in Queens.S


  • Lily Shen graduated from NYU Stern in 1996. After working at Goldman Sachs in the Fixed Income Asset Management Division, she decided to switch careers and join eBay in Northern California. Since joining the company in 2000, she’s worked in different capacities including Strategic Planning and General Management for the Computers and Apparel businesses. She is currently a Senior Manager in Internet Marketing, lives in Palo Alto, and continues to pursue her art interests.
  • Jon Shofet will be having his cinematic debut in a small part in Free Willy III.
  • After a successful career as a "before" model in Pharmaceutical ads, Riccardo Sinti went on to Ronco industries and invented such notable products as the "Amazing No Flip Spatula" and the "Egg Displacer." Getting no spiritual fulfillment from infomercials, he sold his patents and is currently bracing for the imminent fascist takeover of America.
  • Jennifer (Sherinsky) Stein just completed her PhD in the MD/PhD program at NYU Med.
  • Edward Sun graduated from University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) in 1996 and subsequently, worked for J.P.Morgan in Hong Kong and New York. After attending University of Michigan Business School in Ann Arbor, he has been working for JPMorgan Private Bank in Hong Kong since 2004.
  • Peter Sung graduated from the University of Michigan in 96, and then went on to study theology at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary where he graduated in 2000 with a Masters in Divinity. He is currently working at the church he helped start in Boston in 1999. Peter got married to Susie in August 1997, and they are expecting their first child in March 2003. Susie currently works as a 3rd grade teacher in historical Lexington, MA, where the "shot heard around the world" was fired.
    6/19 UPDATE - "I'm finally leaving Boston after 7 years and coming back to NY to start a church in Long Island City. If this peaks your interest, email me at If you want to see pics of my new daughter, Emelyn, you can visit BTW, I'm writing this on 6/19/03."


  • After years in various fields (food service, corporate retail offices, Judith (Taveras) Ryan is now happily teaching English at Midwood High School and completing her MA at Brooklyn College.
  • Mike Torricelli switched from the IT area at Prudential to trading Precious Metals and Commodities for the past 2 years. "I continue to do IT consulting on the side.  In Sept I married Jean Tom '92 and we are living in Manhattan. Team IAC ( will be competing at the national amateur level this year with our Subaru's as well and area always looking for sponsors! Thanks for the updates!"

  • Ronn Torossian is living on the Upper West Side, and working as a Vice President for one of the largest PR firms in the US, specializing in politics. After living in Israel for a few years, Ronn now is in the city again.
  • He recently started his own Public Relations agency -  You can e-mail him at  EDITOR ADDS - Ron and his agency were profiled in the New York Times!




  • Lilian Won - After graduating from SUNY Geneseo, I went off to Korea to teach Engwishie.  I ended up in grad school out there and then began my career as a reporter/anchor (official title: Propaganda-Generating-Tool-of-the-South-Korean-Government). I stayed in Korea for almost 6 yrs and just returned in Jan. 2002.  I'm slowly crawling up the ranks of the news media in the U.S. by writing for NY1 News.  I REALLY regret not making it to the reunion... Hope everyone had a great time catching up! 




  • Victoria Zeppelin writes in to say "I earned Biology (B.S) and Horticulture (M.P.S.) degrees at Cornell, and completed my teacher certification at Cortland State. Now I'm excited to start teaching middle school science this fall. My husband and I love Ithaca so much that we've just purchased a home here!"


Passed Away
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  • Mark Connoly
  • Sam Kellerman
  • Pershendet Riza

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